Listed below are some of the questions we frequently get asked. If your particular query regarding portable cabins is not answered below, simply call us on 01594 821008 & we will do our best to answer it!

What is a portable cabin?
It is a rectangular self contained portable building. Sizes vary from 12’ x 8’ (3.6m x 2.4m) to 48’ x 12’ (14.6m x 3.6m).
What is a jacklegged cabin?
Essentially the same as a "portable cabin" “jacklegged" refers to its four adjustable steel legs.
What is a modular building?
This is a building that arrives on site in modules (or sections) and is then joined together to form a single building. It can give a much bigger open plan area than a portable cabin. View our modular classrooms page for more information.
How do the prices compare between portable/jackleg cabins and modular buildings?
Modular buildings tend to be rather more expensive and require more onerous site work, foundations, cranage etc. In the second hand market their specification tends to be much higher.
How old is the portable building you are offering?
Difficult to answer. The majority of second hand portable buildings do not have the year of manufacture stamped on them. Actual or refurbished condition is the key.
Can you supply a refurbished building to my specification?
The general answer is “yes” within the constraints of the particular portable building. We have supplied buildings as diverse as an engine test bay for a Formula 1 racing team to a “knock down” specialized toilet unit for special needs use in a primary school.
What is the difference between a “refurbished” portable building and one supplied “sold as seen” ?
(i) Sold as seen means exactly what it says on the tin! It is supplied exactly as viewed in our depot, warts and all! We will point out any faults that we are aware of, but we cannot guarantee it is a definitive list. Buyer beware. This is of course, reflected in its price.

(ii) Refurbished buildings are put through our workshop & our skilled crew make good defects and bring the unit back into good order. They are supplied with a six month warranty on the roof (most new buildings only have 12 month warranty), subject to no misuse or abuse. They are N.I.C. electrically certified for Health & Safety. NB Warranty only applies to mainland UK.

A fuller refurbished specification can be itemized against specific buildings / specifications as this can vary. This work is, of course, reflected in its price too!
You delivered my portable cabin 6 months ago and now the door is sticking/wont lock?
The most likely cause is the building has settled on it’s foundations. The building simply needs leveling and the jacklegs re-packing. Call us for more advice if required.
Will your lorry travel over grass to deliver my building?
Unless it has been a very hot period, no. With our lorry mounted crane the front wheels tend to want to sink & the rear wheels slide (even when loaded). As the customer will be liable for recovery costs & any repair charges we prefer to decline. There maybe other ways to site the unit, which we are always happy to discuss.
Will you unload the building in the vicinity of overhead wires?
(i) Telephone wires : yes, as long as you accept any responsibility if they are snagged or cut.

(ii) Electrical wires: Depends on the exact location. There is a danger of electrocution by conduction or arcing. We would not want to be prosecuted on a corporate manslaughter charge & are sure you wouldn’t either! Again, there maybe other ways to site the unit in your preferred location, which we are always happy to discuss. Simply call us on 01594 821008.
What are your standard exclusions & small print?
We try not to hide behind any small print & attempt to state clearly what we can & cannot do and what is and is not included for in any pricing. Our “Notes to Tender" which are on our "Welcome" page give you a general guide to this.

If you require any further information or advice, please don't hesitate to call us on 01594 821008 or email us